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    "Winning with Teamwork"

     Serving Green Valley, Sahuarita and neighboring communities in southern Arizona 

    Our Services

    Personal Finance Services for Seniors

    Are you an independent senior living in southern Arizona who 

    needs occasional help with prioritizing & paying bills 

    and other personal finance issues?      

    - OR -

    Do you have a beloved family member or friend in southern Arizona, but you're just too far away to stop by when they need your help?

    If you or someone you care about needs help with budgeting & bill paying, or evaluating & resolving personal finance issues, 

    partner with Team Bradley to get precisely the help you want. 

    ​Team Bradley offers personal finance services for seniors in the privacy of their own homes and tailored to their specific needs.​ 

    Scroll down to see services & pricing options.

    Contract Bookkeeping & Office Services

    For the small business owner who wants to spend more time 

    meeting with clients and growing your business, 

    let Team Bradley take care of the office work you don't really like to do.

    Whether it's the routine tasks like:

    • Bookkeeping
    • Invoicing
    • Preparing bills for payment
    • Data entry
    • Account reconciliations
    • Customer/vendor follow ups
    • Filing/organizing
    • Sorting/prioritizing mail

    Or that special project you never have time for​...

    Partner with Team Bradley to get it done.

    Contact Lisa for a free no-obligation consultation.

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    Personal Finance Services for Seniors

    Basic Monthly Service Includes

    • ​Bill prioritization, payment (check or online), and mailing (checks)
    • Checkbook balancing*
    • Bank statement* review for suspicious or unnecessary charges
    • Activity summary delivered to client and emailed to trusted personal contacts**​

              Reasonable rates; Save with  a 6 month or 12 month prepaid subscription

    Other Services

    Just some examples:

    • Help prepare for meetings with tax accountant, financial planner, attorney or other professional advisor by organizing, scanning, emailing or faxing documents***
    • Assist with filling out forms and/or applications (online or hardcopy)****
    • Assist with online account setup (e.g. online banking)****
    • Monitor accounts and assist with resolution of disputed charges (e.g. monthly bills, debit or credit card charges or fees, etc)
    • Facilitate conference calls with trusted personal contacts** and/or professional advisors regarding personal finance matters
    • Accompany client to professional advisor meetings
    • Be onsite for scheduled service calls or job quotes (e.g. home care consultations, cable guy, plumber, other contractors, etc)
    • Identify & shred junk mail, including potential fraudulent schemes and scams
    • Identify & delete phishing emails, and unregister from unwanted emailed newsletters, advertisements, etc

               Hourly rate, fixed fee or prepaid block of time options available

    * For a single checking account and corresponding monthly statement. Add $5 for each additional checking, savings or credit card account.​​ ​

    ** Team Bradley, LLC will consult with and will email activity summaries to up to two trusted personal contacts on behalf of each client.  

    ​*** To be completed at client's residence whenever possible. If needed, scanning will be done at Team Bradley, LLC office and faxing (at client's expense) will be done at publicly available outlet​​.​ 

    **** Online activities specific to client's accounts and email addresses will only be done at client's residence. 

    Activity Summary

    Each engagement concludes with an activity summary emailed to up to two trusted personal contacts and will include relevant money saving considerations.​ Subscription clients will receive this monthly. 

    Travel Surcharges

    Green Valley/Sahuarita: No charge for two monthly visits; add $5 for each additional monthly visit​​​​

    Amado/Tubac/Tumacacori: $5 per visit

    Rio Rico/Nogales: $10 per visit
    $15 per visit 

    Contact Lisa For a Free No-Obligation Consultation

    Mobile: (520) 233-8363