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Team Bradley LLC

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    A Desire to Help

    Lisa Bradley and her husband Michael have been residents in the Green Valley/Sahuarita area in Arizona since 2007. They relocated from the northeast to escape the cold winter weather and to be near Lisa's family in Tubac and Green Valley, Arizona. 

    Green Valley is a popular winter haven for retirees. Lisa & Michael are year round residents, but several of their friends and acquaintances visit seasonally.  Some come for a few weeks just once or twice a year to check in on elderly relatives.

    With Lisa's parents both being year round residents in Green Valley, she is thankful she can easily help them with errands and accompany them to doctor visits and other appointments when needed. In addition, Lisa helps her mom with other things like troubleshooting her computer when it acts up, scanning documents to email to her financial advisor, helping to keep an eye on credit card charges and bank statements (which has resulted in some worthwhile savings), and helping to fend off the unending barrage of mail solicitations, phishing emails and alarming scam phone calls.

    While occasionally helping some of her mom's friends, Lisa realized that there likely were many seniors in Green Valley who needed the same type of help, but who did not have family members or trusted personal contacts close by. She also reasoned that there were concerned family members all around the country who weren't able to "swing by" Green Valley after work or on the weekend to visit and help their parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles.

    After contemplating this need and getting positive feedback from everyone she shared her ideas with, Lisa decided to implement her concept of providing personal budget and finance services specifically to seniors in and around Green Valley, AZ.

    And thus, Team Bradley was created! 

    Lisa's mission is to offer these services to seniors in the privacy of their own homes and tailored to their specific needs.​ Her clients and their long distance family members can have assurance and peace of mind that they have a trustworthy and reliable partner on-site helping to manage their personal financial obligations, avoid scams and uncover some savings along the way.​