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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions About Personal Finance Services for Seniors

    Q: Do you also run errands such as grocery shopping or picking up mail?

    A: Occasional and simple errands that are not time sensitive can likely be coordinated with scheduled client visits at no extra charge, except for costs directly related to the task (e.g. fees for mailing a certified letter). If certain errands need to be done on a regular or frequent basis, they could be incorporated into the client's service agreement.

    Q: We live far away. How do we know you are providing the services that were agreed to?

    A: All services to be provided are mutually agreed upon by the client and up to two trusted personal contacts. At the conclusion of each engagement, or at appropriate intervals, an activity summary will be delivered to the client and emailed to the trusted personal contact(s). This summary will include details about the tasks performed, the number of visits and the amount of time spent with the client and/or on related tasks. The summary will also include any relevant money saving considerations. Monthly subscribers will receive this activity summary on a monthly basis.​​​

    Q: Do you provide home care or home healthcare services?

    A: No, I do not provide home care or home healthcare services. However, I can assist with related tasks, such as filling out forms, reviewing & paying invoices, organizing & maintaining files, and facilitating customer service calls with providers and third party billing or insurance companies. I can also accompany the client for introductory visits to local agencies or be onsite for scheduled home presentations.

    Q: Do you accept payment through Medicare?

    A: No, I don't accept any third party payments. All payments are collected directly from clients and/or their trusted personal contacts.

    Q: Aren't there volunteer organizations in the area that provide the same services you do for free?

    A: There are several businesses, churches and volunteer agencies in southern Arizona that provide a variety of helpful services. My mission is to provide one-on-one personal finance services in the privacy of the client's home and tailored to their specific needs.​ This differs from organizations that may provide free training or seminars outside the home to groups of people with various circumstances, issues and questions. 

    However, if a client's needs can be equally met by a local organization that is convenient and more affordable or even free, then I would certainly encourage them to pursue that option. If you are a trusted personal contact for a client, you can engage Team Bradley to help find the right service provider in the area as well as accompany the client for an introductory visit or be onsite for a scheduled home presentation.

    Q: What is your background?

    ​A: In addition to the knowledge I have gained from my own life's experiences, I have 30+ years of experience working for both large and small companies, and as an independent contractor. My early work experience includes designing databases & software, and providing technical support & training for the same. This often involved identifying root causes of problems and helping to design & implement solutions. My later work experience includes general accounting & bookkeeping, as well as some tax accounting and forensic financial analysis.

    ​​Q: Are you a CPA or a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)?

    A: No, I am not a Certified Public Accountant or Certified Financial Planner. Nor am I an attorney. I simply have the essential knowledge and the desire to help others keep their financial affairs in order. When the guidance of a professional advisor is warranted, I can be the liaison between the client, their trusted personal contact(s) and potential advisors until a satisfactory relationship is established.

    Questions About Contract Bookkeeping & Office Services

    Q: Do you work on an hourly basis or for a fixed fee?

    A: Depending on the nature and duration of an engagement, we may agree upon an hourly rate, a recurring fee or an overall project fee.

    Q: Do you prepare tax returns?

    A: No, I am not a certified tax preparer. But I can prepare and organize the documents and information needed by your tax accountant. I can also help implement any new procedures or compliance requirements that your tax accountant may advise.

    ​​​​Q: Are you a CPA?

    A: No, I am not a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I have 30+ years of experience working for both large and small companies, and as an independent contractor. My experience includes database administration, software design, end user training & technical support, general accounting, bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable & collections, as well as some tax accounting, fixed asset accounting and forensic financial analysis.